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PhilArt improves patients’ skin quality, rejuvenating the skin and making it more radiant. The PhilArt range restores the skin’s elasticity and promotes hydration. Once injected into the dermis of the skin, the polynucleotides signal to the skin to repair itself, resulting in production of collagen and hyaluronic acid. It has an excellent safety profile, having been used in healthcare settings for over 30 years to stimulate wound healing and repair. A range of products specifically for eyes, face, scalp, neck and neck, hands and décolletage and hands. Ideally used in combination with other treatments to give an even better outcome.

PhilArt Eye

Patients frequently request aesthetic treatments for the delicate area to look more refreshed and less tired as well as treating lines, creping and dark circles. PhilArt Eye offers distinctive aesthetic outcomes with this dynamic new treatment. 90% of patients experienced a reduction of fine lines, improved skin quality and was excellent used alongside other treatments such as RF Microneedling, Botox wrinkle relaxing and chemical peels.


A great treatment for more radiant and rejuvenated skin of all ages. Can be used on the face and forehead so ideal for those patients who are not able to have Botox on their foreheads due to hooded eyes or heavy brows. Its bio-revitalising properties mean it is able to remodel skin areas with high fibrous content such as striae and scars. It is also excellent at preparing the skin for an enhanced aesthetic outcome prior to procedures such as laser, RF Microneedling, and dermal fillers

PhilArt Hair (Coming Soon)

For the restoration of hair and brows

PhilArt Next (Coming soon)


Restoration of facial firmness, improved skin tone and elasticity

At iSkincare we offer a selection of skin boosters and will hand pick the exact skin booster which will be most beneficial for your skin type and desired outcome.

Summary of your PhilArt Treatment

Aesthetic procedure time
Procedure Times

45 minutes (est.)

Anaesthetic icon
Pain Relief

None required but topical available

treatment risks icon
Risks & Complications

Asymmetry, Infection, bruises, swelling

back to work icon
Back to Work

Immediate (est.)

duration of results icon
Full Recovery

48 hours (est.)

treatment results visible icon
Results Visible

Immediate (est.)

Treatment sensitivity period icon
Sensitivity Period

1 hour (est.)

Duration icon
Duration of Results

6-9 months (2 treatments recommended for maximum effect, one month apart)

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