• Private Aesethetic Clinic

    iSkincare is a private aesthetic clinic providing non surgical treatments for the face and body. This unique private clinic is operated by a highly trained, experienced, insured and fully qualified nurse practitioner and offers treatments which are individually tailored to suit your needs. If like many people, you are not sure what the difference is between BotoxTM and fillers, what treatments are best suited to individual problems or would like to discuss a particular issue in more detail with confidential no-obligation advice.

    The clinic is situated in a beautiful location in Poole / Bournemouth. iSkincare aims to offer you the best advice and treatments in a relaxed, comfortable and confidential environment with an advantage of operating from private premises as opposed to a high street location.

  • The treatment room has a lovely relaxing tranquil ambience ensuring you will feel comfortable, relaxed and at ease whilst receiving your treatment.

  • iSkincare will work with you to assess your concerns and needs, and will tailor a personal treatment regime that fits both your lifestyle and your budget. An initial consultation gives you the opportunity to consider your options with expert guidance what is right for you.

  • iSkincare provides services to clients in Bournemouth, Poole and surrounding areas